Our Vision

The vision of Corral Bluffs Alliance (CoBA) is to preserve Corral Bluffs' natural and cultural resources while balancing this with public access so everyone can learn about its resources and enjoy its scenic beauty.

Five hundred and twenty-two acres of Corral Bluffs was purchased by the City of Colorado Springs on November 25, 2008 as the cornerstone. On January 31, 2011 Colorado Springs purchased another 76 acres adjoining the northeast corner of the existing open space. The total open space is currently approximately 600 acres.

As land becomes available, we'd like to see the open space grow to encompass all of the Bluffs, potentially as much as 4000 acres, and connect to the adjacent Jimmy Camp Creek Park and larger regional trail system. The connection and approximately two-thirds of the Bluffs are located on Banning Lewis Ranch (BLR) land, so we're very interested in the outcome of the BLR bankruptcy sale.

Specific community needs will be determined through the master planning process after studies have been completed by experts such as paleontologists, archaeologists, geologists, biologists and botanists.

Interest has already been expressed in open access of Corral Bluffs to scientists and scholars, interpretive signage or kiosks, scenic overlooks, field trips for school children, hiking trails and equestrian trails. It will create a much-needed East side open space offering recreational opportunities for this fast-growing area.

According to the Colorado Springs Open Space Plan, open space areas are designed mainly to preserve the natural landscape. Amenities and recreational facilities are typically limited to trails, picnic areas, interpretive facilities, restrooms and parking lots. Certain types of recreation, such as hiking, running, bicycling and horseback riding are ideally suited to many open space areas, but are accommodated only to the extent they are compatible with the protection of the natural environment.

Rock formation
Prehistoric crocodile skull
Golden eagle
Mule deer
Native American grinding stone
and projectile point