Native Plants in a Fragile Environment

Corral Bluffs contains 3-4 different ecosystems: short grass prairie, bluffs, sand prairie and the dry creek bed which floods when it rains. The native plant coverage is very good with only a few weedy species in certain areas.

In 2008, El Paso County Parks department prepared a flora report of a portion of Corral Bluffs. Flora study PDF

It states that the flora study is incomplete because it was conducted in early spring and plants weren't yet observable. Dr. Tass Kelso, Professor of Biology at Colorado College, did a preliminary visit to the SE and NE corners of the Case property and noted giant sand dropseed, which is uncommon to rare in El Paso County. She also noted that some sites may possibly support annuals that are also uncommon. Her report mentioned more than once how struck she was by the highly native nature of the vegetation and that she only noted two weedy species.

Dr. Tass Kelso revisited Corral Bluffs in September 2008. Click here for her report.

The County's report recommends that any trails be adjusted to avoid sensitive species. The Colorado Natural Heritage Program prepared a report, but there wasn't a great deal of information found about the property in their BIOTICS database.

Colorado's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy from 2006, prepared by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, shows the four wing saltbush only appears in small area in the center of El Paso County. The four wing saltbush is found at Corral Bluffs. See map below.

Field Milkvetch
Desert Four O'Clock
Pincushion Cactus
Silvery Lupine
Purple Locoweed
Chalk Hill Hymenopappus
Looseflower Milkvetch
American Vetch
Prairie Rocket
Woolly Plantain
Bractless Blazingstar
Perky Sue
Orange Indian Paintbrush
Pink Prickly Pear
Sand Lily
Trailing Four O'Clock
Broom Groundsel
Prairie Baby's Breath
Prickly Poppy
White Clover
Hairy Goldenaster
Lacy Tansyaster
Baker's Paperflower
Golden Groundsel
Calcareous Cryptantha
Yellow Sweet Clover
Large-flower Brickellbush
Slender-flowered Scurfpea
Skeleton Plant


Little Blue Stem
Canada Wild Rye
Indian Ricegrass

Trees & bushes

One Seed Juniper
Three Leaf Sumac Bush
Wax Currant Bush
Mountain Mahogany Bush
Eastern Cottonwood
Rubber Rabbitbrush
Some of the wildflowers found
at Corral Bluffs
Prairie Coneflower
Indian Paintbrush
Lupine with yucca in background
Yellow Pricky pear
Bluemist Penstemon
White Vetch
Scarlet Gaura
Common Sunflower
Prickly Pear with Cochineal Beetles
Sand Sage
Hoary Tansyaster
White Locoweed
Cowpen Daisy with Cottontail