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2003 Highway 94 Comprehensive Plan

The 2003 Highway 94 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the County Planning Commission as an element of the County Master Plan on July 15, 2003 . The adoption represents the culmination of a five-year process to provide a framework for future growth and development in the 120-square mile Highway 94 Planning Area. The Concept Map, Map 8.1, depicts the land use recommendations. Chapter 8, Future Land Use Plan, describes these land use recommendations for both the entire Planning Area and specific sub-areas. The Plan was developed through an analysis of the area and input from County decision-makers, landowners, and the community at large. It provides a comprehensive land use plan with goals, policies, and actions to guide future public and private land and resource management planning.

Overall, the Plan is an advisory document designed to inform policy-makers and the public of various issues and their future ramifications and to guide area growth in a manner that respects the community vision.

The Plan can be viewed both as a single file and as a series of separate elements (pdf format).

* 2003 Highway 94 Comprehensive Plan

Individual Elements (pdf format)

* Aknowledgements
* Table of Contents
* Executive Summary
* Chapter 1 – Introduction
* Chapter 2 – Planning Area Description
* Chapter 3 – Community Profile
* Chapter 4 – Resource Management
* Chapter 5 – Utilities
* Chapter 6 – Transportation
* Chapter 7 – Community Services
* Chapter 8 – Future Land Use Plan
* Appendix A
* Appendix B