A Rich Wildlife Habitat

Corral Bluffs has been home for several pairs of nesting golden eagles for at least the last 20 years. Their nests are reused for generations and it is thought that eagles mate for life.

Eagles need a large territory to supply a large amount of food. A 2002 Colorado National Heritage Program study requested by the Colorado Department of Transportation entitled “Estimating Impacts of Highway Projects on Select, Rare, Sensitive or Declining Species” says it's the loss of food resources that threatens their existence.

El Paso County Park Department's 2008 fauna report on a portion of Corral Bluffs confirmed active nests of both golden eagle and prairie falcon. County's fauna study PDF

The federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act protect raptors against disturbance, which includes substantially interfering with normal breeding, feeding or sheltering behavior. Colorado Department of Wildlife (CDOW) guidelines recommend no human encroachment within 1/2 mile of the these nests.

See map below for buffer zones for protected raptors.

El Paso County Parks Department's report says the property is within the range and contains potential habitat for several state species of special concern.

Peregrine falcon are regularly seen and we believe land around Corral Bluffs could also be home to burrowing owls, a state listed threatened species. CDOW recommends a 150 ft. buffer zone of no human encroachment around burrowing owl nests.

CDOW also noted a large mule deer population at Corral Bluffs that should be considered.

The map below from the 1997 El Paso County Master Plan indicates sensitive wildlife habitat at Corral Bluffs.

Corral Bluffs is also rich in other bird life and wildlife such as: hawks, falcons, swallows, roadrunners, owls, scorpions, lizards, snakes, deer, antelope, coyote, raccoons, mountain lion, porcupine, rock squirrels, a rare species of box turtle, and occasionally foxes. Over 70 bird species have been recorded at Corral Bluffs (birdlist).

As Colorado Springs expands eastward, open spaces need to be preserved for animals.

Some of the fauna
found at Corral Bluffs
Golden Eagle
Mule Deer
Turkey Vulture
Scaled Quail
Scaled Quail babies taking dust bath
Western Fence Lizard (male)
Western Fence Lizard
baby lizard
Ribbon Garter Snake
Prairie Rattlesnake
Milk Snake
Bull Snake
Garter Snake
Hummingbird on nest
Pronghorn Antelope
Coyote footprints
Rock Wren
Golden Eagle nestling
Cliff Swallow
Porcupine in tree
Rock Squirrel